You need to understand that People are like birds at the feeder, they are being social. We are not rigid in transferring approved or otherwise acceptable information only sanitized of all the things you wrote that were issues which contaminates the act of said information sharing either verbally talking to you in the truckstop or here across the net.

Some of us who write have many years if not many decades in this industry. Others are relatively new. I started back in the 80’s for trucking, have been around trucking since childhood due to the nature of our family business that supported a percentage of them with bar and food etc. Including relatives who were truckers in war and peace with their stories passed down to me.

This is way before the Internet days. Everything was no computer in those days. What you learned and verified as fact is what you retained and used as you went about trucking, finding shippers and solving common trucking problems.

Companies were mostly the same cut in those days, you join one, sometimes they go out of business you hop to another next week. It only takes a few minutes to talk to a trucking company, take a 20 minute road test with docking etc and check insurance for you and assign you a report to work date and time next day. Today, we have all this internet, databases evolving in real time, even a driver drug database which YOU will be supporting next year as part of your ability to get a job and so on. Those days and today’s living internet is incredibly two separate worlds.

So, when you stand up in Little America and say HOW DO I DO….? You are going to get stories, teasing, jokes, some dirty stuff, and out of all that you hope to find a little nugget of fact.

It’s the same here. However this site is Moderated. Once in a while I go off he deep end and they collar me to ‘splain which results in a wall of writing going over each little contested issue. Takes a while. But alls well.

My doctors pending one or two final medical stuff is pretty much ready to hand me a long form and tell me I can go get a CDL and run medicine loads again next year. I’ll be getting back into that. Even though I had been off OTR 18 years but NOT away from big rigs as a CREW Boss dealing with a team of CDL Temps at auction sales of trucks until 2010, so I am fairly aware of the evolution of emissions, transmissions etc. Some don;t know manual, some don’t know auto and I get them in there and a dirty 5 minute lesson. Off they go to learn the rest by doing. Don’t kill anyone in the barn.

At the end of the day anyone visiting our dead planet a billion years from now takes the time to sit and read our entire sum of Human Knowledge on long haul trucking is going to have to do alot of heavy lifting to put it together.



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