1. Does anyone have any info on IST and Arepet Express out of Midland, TX? Are they good to work for?


  2. No but would like to know what the company is like.


  3. Don’t come here to work. I work here now, the pay is very low, most the trailers won’t even pass a DOT inspection, the dispatch will lie to you, there is no communication, and if you’re on TXDOT time, they will try and run you 24/7 with no sleep. They will interrupt you off time, to come back to work, you won’t see your family’s on the holidays, even if you have it scheduled off.


  4. LOL I just applied! I used to work for Chalk Mountain and I was very familiar with their equipment issues since they would be offloading next to us. I figured they had upgraded their equipment by now…..


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