1. Hi, everyone. Like the thread suggests, I’ve been in contact with Pilot Transport concerning leasing on with them. I’ve been an owner-operator pulling my own flatbed with Landstar for going on six years. I’ve heard the money and consistency with Pilot Transport is top shelf. Any thoughts? Do you have experience working with them or are you close with someone who does? Thanks in advance.


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  2. I would imagine they require experience hauling cars with the value of the cars being transported.


  3. I don’t know what they pay their contractors but their pay for company drivers isn’t any better than most big box truckload carriers.


  4. Where did you hear these things from?


  5. Man experience is an understatement. Once you get that 1st car that you know cost 1 mil and its 80+ inches wide. It will make your stomach turn trying to load it by yourself in a 100 inch box and you’ll sweat out more fluids than you drank in the last 2 days loading up during the summer


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