I finally upgraded a few days ago. Passed my backing and road test. It took me almost two months but was well worth it. They required 260 hours drive time, 20 hours on duty. Others might finish faster, some might take longer. For example I got a buddy who was in my orientation class and is still finishing up. If you decide to come here keep in mind you may be out for awhile. Overall my training was alright. Your trainer might depend on who you get, as always all companies have their terrible trainers.This seems like a greater starter company so far. Starting pay will be 41¢ a mile/team miles. Covenant is a teaming company so deal with it. I don’t mind teaming at all. I sleep just fine while the truck is moving. Also I try my best to cope with different personalities. I think teaming is a great way to develop skills for later on in life on how to work with others.

My first company was central refrigerated and I failed my road test/backing test with them. One thing I will say is that central refrigerated will push the lease on you from the day you walk in. The central instructor actually sounds more like a salesman. Covenant has a lease program but they dont mention it at all. Covenant was my second chance and I’m thankful they hired me despite my termination from central.

I Just bought a hotspot jetpack so I have internet with me on the road.I will be posting every now and then to give you all an idea of how the company is so far. I’m not on here a lot but like to check ttr few times a week.as always feel free to ask any questions.



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