semi truck for cr england on a bridgeThis is the third consecutive year that CR England has been named a SmartWay High Performer. Quite the accomplishment, only a handful of trucking companies are ranked up at the top of the SmartWay Partners list. In fact, only 10 percent of the carriers in the SmartWay program are at the efficiency level to reach this ranking. See what it means for CR England and how you can start driving for a SmartWay High Performer as an OTR truck driver today.

About SmartWay High Performer

The SmartWay High Performers are exactly that—the most efficient trucking companies in the SmartWay program. To reach these standards requires these carriers including CR England to operate at peak fuel and diesel emissions efficiency. The way that CR England manages this hefty task, in particular, is through the use of the latest fuel savings technologies.

According to the CR England Vice President of Equipment and Fuel, Ron Hall, “CR England differentiates itself by having one of the most efficient fleets in the nation through the use of technologies such as full truck and trailer aerodynamics, automatic tire inflation, and advanced engine settings.”

If you are a truck driver that likes to reduce the amount of fuel you use, whether or not for fuel bonus purposes, then this is good news. With a company like CR England, you get the opportunity to use and learn how to implement the latest technologies and applications. You will be working with the newest fuel savings equipment right there on the job as a company driver.

Trucking Hauls at CR England

CR England offers a wealth of trucking jobs to truck drivers nationwide. The company is routinely at the top of the trucking company lists for Best Of practically everything. They hire dedicated truck drivers who want regular routes and mileage. These dedicated trucking jobs also give CR England drivers the chance to connect with customers. CR England hires regional truck drivers, too. This is a type of trucking job that is great for someone who wants balanced home time and regular routes.

You can also get an intermodal trucking job that gives you local routes so you are home most days. Plus, with a local trucking route, you are more able to work a flexible schedule. If you are a truck driver with a family or who is active in your community, or maybe you have medical issues, then this is a good option for you.

There are also plenty of over the road trucking jobs at CR England. The company hires drivers for those long haul truckload routes, too. To find all of these trucking jobs, plus the team driving jobs at CR England, start your search today. Right here at Trucker Classifieds, we supply you with the trucking jobs you need. Start working for the career you deserve. Check out how much money you will be able to earn when you apply to a better paying trucking job today at Trucker Classifieds.

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