1. They can legislate “driverless trucks” all they want, but practical applications are still years away. And just because they can doesn’t mean they will.


  2. The bill is requiring among other things that the “driver” of the driverless truck be trained in the operations of an autonomous vehicle. I have a better idea. Make it an endorsement. That should be nearly impossible, since there are no such vehicles available to take the test in. @buzzarddriver is very right, the application is years, maybe decades or more away.
    After all, I am still waiting for my flying car, the one that has been promised on the cover of Popular Mechanics magazine since the 1940’s.


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  3. It doesn’t matter. When autonomous is main stream years from now they will be allowed everywhere. The feds will threaten to withhold road funding to any state that doesn’t allow them. They have used this tactic before, I’m sure they’ll use it again.


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  4. Or as the Tim Wilson song says, “where in the #*@$ is my jetpack?”


  5. Unfortunately Trump is all for driverless trunks I understand


  6. When all the jobs are gone, who will buy the stuff the robots make?


  7. You know, I never would of even thought this way 5 years ago, much less put it in print,,,,but at this point I don’t know if I would feel safer with some of the so called drivers we have on the roads these days, or with a self driving truck, throw the 18 year old eligible CDL into the mix and it becomes a very difficult decision,,,,,,


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