Anyone have experience as a truck driver at the Dominos SLC hub? I interviewed with them but I want to hear from a driver directly.

Is it 4 days a week? Do they make you shave your beard? Average stops and piece count on a route? Are delivery times realistic to make?

I interviewed with Dominoes, they told me it’s 18-25,000 lbs per route, 8-10 stops average for a solo route. 25-30,000lbs+ for a team. They say there’s no scan gun and no paperwork with the stores. They say I will make 80-85,000 annually doing 4 routes a week. Supposedly all local, no OTR. I did ask them if I would have to drive out of state and they said, “the only time is if a shuttle driver going to Denver calls in sick” so I take this with a huge grain of salt. There’s many nightmare employee reviews but not from this division.

I’ve only seen sleeper trucks for dominos so that really makes me wonder. They say it will be all local now, maybe they’ll change their mind after I start. Especially as a new guy at the bottom of the seniority. Also wonder if the 80-85K might be exaggerated.

I have a little over a year of experience doing food service. Company I’m at now I work 4 days a week around 40-50 hours and made 71k last year. Looking to possibly make more money not working more than 40-50hrs a week.
I don’t wanna regret leaving were I am at now though so I want to gather as much info as I can



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