ATLANTA, Ga. – Donaldson is bringing the watchful eye of telematics to air filters, with a new wireless monitoring system that integrates with Geotab.

Donaldson is field testing the Filter Minder today, with plans to launch the offering in 2020.

The Filter Minder can be quickly retrofit onto existing filtration systems. Once in place, the wireless sensors on the filters transmit data to a receiver connected to the Geotab Go device.

“To standardize all the maintenance practices on time or mileage intervals creates a lot of inefficiencies,” says Nathan Zambon, Donaldson’s director – Filter Minder. It’s a balancing act. “You don’t want to service too early. On the flip side you don’t want to service too late.”

Restricted filters, for example, can lead to maintenance issues such as cracked DPFs.

All of the related information can be viewed through the MyGeotab dashboard, sorted by truck identifiers, VIN, the Geotab device, and remaining useful life measured as a percentage and a red, yellow or green indicator to identify those that need attention.

The alert notifications can be customized, too.

Filter Minder has been offering mechanical monitoring devices for more than 40 years. Geotab currently manages more than 450,000 Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks across North America.


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