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I’m afraid I have been researching this AI, (Artificial Intelligence,) for several years now,
and the results aren’t good.
Please review several AI videos currently up on Youtube on this subject.

I worked at Mc-Graw Edison, as a Tool and Die Maker, back in the early 80’s
when this robotics wave was in its infancy. There was no AI back then.
The Union made it clear that anyone displaced in a process was not to lose their job,
but to be re-trained to perform another function. I don’t foresee this happening here.
Fast forward to today’s auto plants. 2000 people use to do the jobs; robots were introduced,
now the same plant has maybe 400 people, mostly feeding material to the robots.
Detroit is the way it is from automation more than offshoring. Both – together – was devastating.

But driving is different, you say.
Recently a Tesla in auto drive mode failed to brake, and crashed, as a tractor trailer
crossed in front of it, from a side street, in city driving. Several items to note.
Analysis showed AI did not brake because “truck was recognized as a billboard;” a stationary object.
“TRUCK” was recognized as a rear or front profile view, but never programmed in a side view profile. Scary, huh. AI only knows what you tell it. Auto drive mode is not for city driving obviously.
They will fix this, and enter every possible truck profile view. Shortcoming was mans, not AI.

This was the first run from Cali to PA. AI learns with each iteration. 10 runs in, it’s more efficient.
Back in blind side, turn around in a lot without taking off YOUR fender, does it all. Like a pro.
Calculating lengths, distances, radii of turns will be perfect.
AI decision making is practically instantaneous; so is reaction times.
Its a novelty now, but it learns with every run; the trend is for exponential growth.
No holidays, sick days, day or night – doesn’t matter. Mega’s love that.
They will figure out no need for air conditioning, bunks, any creature comfort.

Not next week, but I don’t see any way this is not the next wave. Sorry, boys.



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