The timing is generally for track speed at 30 seconds.

In our area, our freight track limit is 80 mph. Train is coming upgrade at 80 working steam and rolling coal with brake shoes slack blowing for the first of series. 30 seconds aint much. Not at 80.

This one appeared to be moving at 100+ And as far as Iam concerned the trucker had a thousand life times to remove himself from the track, I have to carefully consider the idea of suicide because most people whne they fill their visions of big scary FAST trains coming to kill them they want OUT. as in O U T like yesterday right now.

A tiny percentage of those will exhibit a mental health flaw by siply closing their eyes as if to reject the idea of the impossible situation that they must die in now. They freeze. And so sometimes they die for it. Lord have mercy on those.

This trucker has some issues. 30 seconds sitting in that cab is just too #### long. I am leaning towards him wanting th train to royally flatten him, truck and cargi for whateverer



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