1. With CA introducing new laws and regulations around 4-5 years ago(?) that takes effect next year (beginning of 2020), a lot of companies had to buy newer trucks and trailers to not get fined by it and to be able to register with the DMV.


2. Truck insurance prices have been rising and rising for the past decade. And there is nothing we can do about it.

3. Government took this opportunity to raise taxes on trucking companies. We pay a lot more for 941 and EDD, workers compensation, etc. than we have in the past.

4. Younger generations would not want to be truck drivers. There is a shortage of drivers here in CA, which makes competition really tough. Drivers are getting paid 6 figures just by driving in state. Not out of state.

5. Tariffs are shitting on every overseas customers. Less products going in from them = less money to be made.

6. Amazon. You cannot compete with Amazon.

Tl;dr – So with skyrocketing expenses, shortage on drivers, greedy insurance and government raising prices, overseas customers getting gangbanged what can we do about it? I feel that the environment in CA is extremely hostile towards truckers and we (and many others) have been extremely struggling to survive.

Does anybody else have these issues? Or is this just in CA?

Trucking is important for this country to survive, but what are the alternatives if this is starting to fade away?


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