When looking at the towing capacity of a E450 cut away cab & chassis from what I can tell it’s GVWR is 20,000lbs.

E-450 Super Duty Cutaway GCWRs: – 6.8L V10 and 6.0L Turbo Diesel V8 = 20,000 lbs.

Meanwhile the F450 listed at 28,000.

This is according to this brochure for the 2009 year model..

Anyone know if the E450 is actually only rated for 20k? Meaning less than even a single rear wheel F250?

The same type of brochure for my 2005 F350 SRW says my truck can only haul 11,500 which is not true because it’s base weight is 8,100 and I’m good up to 25,999 in my current set up. Meaning I can have a total of 17,k between cargo & trailer..

How do you determine what the actual “real world” towing capacity is for something like the E450? I know it has to be more than 20k lbs it’s a dual rear wheel truck, so how is it determined for the total weight capacity including the truck?

I know overall weights and trailer vs cargo and all that but I never can figure out how do you determine what the truck can actually tow real world not just what it’s axles are rated at..



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