1. Saw a new wet spot on the floor this morning by the shifter. A few drops of clean oil leaking around the shift knob. Not sure yet if it’s the splitter or range selector.
    Just a bad o-ring or sign of other issues?


  2. Are you sure its not oil in the air lines leaking out of the the exhaust of the shifter knob?


  3. That was my first thought as well.


  4. Haven’t opened it up yet. Weekend job.


  5. NO our point is, the knob itself never has any oil in it as designed. The only oil would be coming from way over excessive oil in your air lines from your air compressor. Like your compressor is smoked and blowing oil through your air dryer and filling your air tanks. Try taking off the supply line to your shift knob, it should be a push pull, and then put it in a bucket to see what comes out. What comes out when you drain the tanks?


  6. Just looked at the bottom of the air dryer, it looks normal. Air tanks, nothing came out. I’ll check the air lines next time I’m stopped.


  7. Did notice a different sound from the compressor last night just before I shut it down for the night. Went away when it quit pumping.
    Sounds normal today. Maybe the compressor is about to crap out.
    Just about to trade truck in on a new one next week. Still has extended warranty.


  8. Take the discharge line off the compressor and see if there is a lot of oil there.


  9. Metal braided Line from compressor at the input of the dryer is bone dry. But it does have a bit of black carbon in there. But it’s not blocking the line at all.


  10. Then just air down the system and pull the supply line to the shifter then put it in a bucket and blow that line out till it blows clean and put it all back together. You can also flush the shifter with some cleaning solvent to get the oil out of the shifter to stop the drips


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