1. I need a 2 prong male plug that fits the auxiliary switch connector under hood. Dealer wants $70!!!!!!!


  2. What kind of truck and engine is it?


  3. Switch under hood? Or dashboard?


  4. most of the time this connectors you can find online or at local napa or carquest.


  5. 2016 Volvo VNL D13. The auxiliary switch harness terminates under the hood, below the treadle valve, with a blue plug in it to seal it. I want to hook a work light into that circuit. The female plug is there, I’d like to get a male plug rather than cut and install a new connection.
    Online is hit or miss due to different sizes and types.
    I will try parts stores to see if I can get something that will work.


  6. Ask dealer for part number and manufacturer. Go
    Good luck.


  7. Thanks. I have to stop in there anyway.


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