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Ok guys, welcome again to another 1 year+ review. This time on Estes Express. I’ll try to make this short and sweet like my Marten Transport review.

So here are the pros…

1. PAY
3. WorkPlace Environment
4. Good Benefits


1. SLIP SEAT!!!!!!!
2. Equipment
3. Terminals


Ok lets discuss pay first. Pay is TOP NOTCH. Estes in definitely one of the better LTL outfits compared to others. Linehaul starts at .5725 as of now. (.565 when I started) Local I believe starts at $23 something. (OT after 55 HOURS WTF) You will get paid here and they will feed you miles. You sleep in hotels every night. Xtra board makes a penny more than scheduled drivers. Up to this point, I’ve made 68K!

The hometime options are typical for extra board which is out all week home for 34+ hours. I’m usually off upwards of 50+. Scheduled runs go out at night, meet, and come back so you’re basically home daily. There are LAY DOWN runs that go out, sleep in hotel, and come home next day!

Workplace Environment is very good at my terminal, BUT it varies from terminal to terminal. My terminal manager is really cool and gets me time off or arranges things to where I can do what I need to at home if need be. No complaints. I am out of a big terminal tho.

The benefits are good. I pay $26/wk for vision, dental, medical, long term and short disability.


SLIP SEAT SUCKS! I hate it. Day time drivers will steal your truck and sometimes mess up your week by you needing another truck. It really pisses me off. Some dudes stink and are slobs. I don’t know why we have assigned trucks if they can just take ours. Very frustrating.

The equipment, as far as trucks go, is very poor. Mostly international trucks that are straight garbage. I have no clue why they went with internationals, but man they are so bad and can’t pull for nothing! Road guys like me have automatic volvos with d15 if I’m not mistaken. They are so cheap on trucks that you have to manually roll down the windows. No auto window rollers or mirror adjusters. Team trucks are usually t680 or freight cascadias and they aren’t bad honestly.

Estes has 210 terminals nationwide. Terminal life varies from location to location. The terminal you are out of technically decides how your experience will go. I’m out of a big terminal. Many runs, many bids, many trucks, and huge shop. A terminal like tucson is much much MUCH smaller and you’ll start with no seniority. That means you may get a crap run and most certainly crap truck. It all depend. From what I’ve seen, smaller terminals have the unwanted equipment also. Very dated compared to what I’m used to from Marten and even my auto Volvo.


Estes overall IS A GOOD LTL OUTFIT. I’ve enjoyed my time here and have made a ton of cash! I would recommend them to any person trying to get on. It will be an adjustment compared to typical regional/OTR outfits but it’s definitely better long term. You have bad days, just like any company, but long term, it’s worth it. I’m here to answer any questions. Thanks for reading everyone.



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