1. is this normal? Because all over this forum and others I’ve heard people say they got their permit at or during school…. but every single mega I’ve talked to has said I have to get it before school…


  2. So get it. It’ll take less than an hour of your day and cost only a few bucks. Even if you don’t need it before hand it just puts you that much farther Ahead.


  3. I actually recommend guys that I talk to , to get it before CDL school it’s just a pain in the ### you don’t want when focusing on learning to drive


  4. Is study it going take 3 test general skills combination and air brakes get 80% each one you get your permit you don’t need a DOT exam or drug test the school will do that


  5. I’ve taken it once after studying dmv genie for about a month and basically none of the questions were on it. I’m working right now and it’s becoming a pain to find time to get to the dmv. I tried studying with the dmv’s Manual but it’s kinda useless


  6. The questions and answers are on here.
    Scroll to the top of this page and click on “CDL Practice Tests”


  7. Go to the top right menu option on this website and go through the “CDL Practice Tests” several times.


  8. I leave for school on Monday. I got my permit a couple of weeks ago. I found an app that made studying for it easy. It’s CDL Genie. They have a free version that you can take the test over and over, which will rotate the questions, or you can just buy the paid app, and knock it out of the park. I scored a perfect on my General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination, and Tanker.


  9. Yeah, thats the way to do it. Practice to take the test without ever actually reading the manual…..because knowledge is for suckers.


  10. I can’t imagine many passing the test without reading the book


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