Hey Y’all

Recent CDL grad, finally found a company in Odessa willing to hire me. I packed up everything and drove the 20 hours from the house, 2 days later I met with the company and proceeded on to the drug clinic for a urine sample. Found a place to hitch up a few days while waiting on the MRO to give me the green light to start work but 4 days later I get a call from the MRO and they tell me I tested positive, I drive back to the clinic demanding a new test but I was refused so I drive back over to talk to the employer explaining that I do not use drugs and this a mistake and luckily the company says the only way to prove it was to take a hair follicle which I was more than grateful to do. Next day we get set up for appointment back at the clinic and they get all the hair they needed and sent back off to be tested. Another week passes unable to work, I finally get a call from the MRO and they give me the news I was expecting “Hair follicle tested clean” Company was like great and being it was a Friday I was to start the following Monday, Monday comes I get to the office and manager tells me to call the MRO, call them up again and they now tell me that the DOT does not accept Hair follicle testing, wtf?! I call the DOT back in D.C and in spite of my second test coming back clean I was told there was nothing I can do now but be put “Out of Service” until I go through some program called SUPS which sounds like a probation type of deal and will cost me money that I do not have. The company that I was to work for hired a new guy and basically said sorry for your luck.

I’m stuck in Odessa without a job, broke and some advice or suggestions about now would be greatly appreciated.



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