Valium is the biggie.

There is in EVERY state of the USA 24/7/365 is what is called “Pharmacy Monitoring Board” PMB database. EVERY pill, or 1000 pills or WHATEVER is prescribed and DISPENSED to you by name specfiically you in your lifetime is REPORTED to this Database. Has been for years.

ALL American Doctors holding a license to practice medicine of any kind in the USA is required BY LAW to examine the PMB database when you show up for whatever reason at all PRIOR to seeing you.

Even Pharmacists for example in my State now has the lawful authority to intercept your script and fail to fill your medicine. And report the attempt. My state has classified all Valium type medicines illegal to be filled with certain other medications in particular.

The State sends nasty letters challenging the existance of a doctors license to PROVE a medical NEED to prescribe anything Narcotic, Mental Health (Which your three medicine lies in, particularly the Valium) and one other class of medicine. If the doctor cannot stand with evidence in your case then that Doctor will lose the ability to prescribe and is prosecuted by the DEA.

All of this has been in place for years. Is tightened up big time in some states for certain medicines fairly recently. Valium again. In particular.

What you think or believe those three medicines are for, the very existance by database of you filling them and having them in possession… which is a 4th problem on your part.

When you fill a medicine for mental health like Valium, Narcotics for owies pain medicine etc by law you are REQUIRED without exception to bring in the original prescription bottle AND ALL original medicine PILLS inside that exact bottle. In your case all three of the medicines you listed. Espeically within 30 days of filling a script.

Most doctors will NOT fill for 3 months. MANY will FILL for 30 days. Inside of that 30 days you have to have the right count of pills in your possession for Law Enforcement or any DOCTOR you VISIT for any reason with the RIGHT COUNT of original medicine against your 30th day refill. If you do not, you will not be seen, you will likely be written into a database as a potential diversion, sales, abuse etc.

This is not a lecture. Just reality of what medicine has become.

Valium is not allowed in trucking. Narcotics not allowed either. Certain other medicines not allowed in trucks period. Not allowed. Over and over.

IF it is really bad on your part, you run the risk of being installed and set into a NATIONAL database as a problem person and stand to be arrested the next time you make words with your voice I need Valium, pain medicine etc to any doctor anywhere in the USA without a valid medicine supporting reason like a busted arm etc.

These are what we live in these days as truckers.

For me as a pain patient previously Im out of it. However I have a team of doctors who prescribe what they think necessary for a short period of time that has nothing to do with trucking. Heart medicine to slow down the tachycardia until they can drop a new valve into it soon among others.

Your best bet is to be totally honest with ANY doctor you visit. Or you will be denied without exception. You will not be seen. Period. No doctor is going to risk seeing you knowing what you have filled and did not say anything about. Just that one act of silence on your part is enough to have them deny you. For reasons of suspected deception on your part. Which is a series of behavior red flags listed in specific panels against diversion, abuse, sales etc. And designed to catch those who are trying to work around what they think is a dumb doctor without knowing the true extent of survillence on certain medicines in all 50 states of the USA in near real time.

The doctors that denied you likley will write into the PMB database that you showed up to see so and so, failed to list medicines such and such and that they denied to see you period. End. Dot.

Other doctors will see that history accumulate and eventually deny you too. Be very careful….



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