1. Hi I have code and I research the all over the place on internet no luck maybe some one can HELP
    SA 16 DTC P226C00


  2. Boost pressure slow response. It’s time to check your turbo VGT


  3. Got the same code in my 2014 volvo vnl did you find the issue and what was the solution


  4. I have this code as well at this moment. I know one problem that I had that was making this happen was that I had my truck washed and the guy washing it with the power washer had shot in to closely and too long into the grill which then made a hole between the fins of my radiator. That air leak was causing my turbo to default. This happened before and I had the radiator taken off and re-welded. It lasted temporarily for a few months. I’m going to try and do that again and if I can’t I will have to ultimately change the radiator. These people also cracked my reservoir for my anti-freeze. Make sure you always watch them when they are washing your truck and listen for air escaping afterwards if it wasn’t there before.


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