FedEx Freight seems like a really good opportunity.

I recently applied for a road driver position out of Everett, WA. They sent me a message saying that they were interested in speaking with me and that someone would be in touch in the next few days. I’m pretty excited.

My questions are: What do I expect next? I assume the phone call and then an interview if they like what I have to say. I feel like they are the type of company to ask questions like: Name a time when you were faced with an unexpected situation. How did you deal with it? Am I right? What comes after that?

It seems that Road Driver is a better opportunity than City P&D. I know I’ll probably get the worst routes at first. What can you tell me about this specific terminal? Good? Bad?

Essentially, guide me through this process and through training. I’ve never operated a forklift, but I don’t expect it’ll be too difficult. Tell me anything that you think is relevant or specific to this terminal.

Please and thank you.



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