1. What questions do you expect from a dispatcher to make sure you know they have your best interest in mind or know what they are doing?


  2. I think this question will bring all the trolls out.


  3. A good dispatch probably won’t ask you where you want to run but tell you where you NEED to run.


    D.Tibbitt and rachi Thank this.

  4. Dispatchers work at companies where you are an employee.


  5. Your best interests as an o/o? Hypothetically, the higher their cut, the better their motivation. As a leased on o/o you should keep in mind…. some of them (dispatchers) are bribe prone too. I had no tolerance for that. The sole reason, I got my own authority was to dispatch myself and have not dispatchers to deal with. A solo owner operator using a dispatch service does not make sense either, in my opinion. I know, they can say they can have their own contacts or even their own freight sources superior to loadboards but I don’t trust them that they got enough of it to make everyone happy.


  6. the dispatcher cares about only one thing, and that’s getting the load covered. If you dont wine alot and get the job done some dispatchers will take care of you over and above drivers who dont produce. You have to prove yourself to them because talk is cheap.


  7. Just be careful with having the “ill take any load u got” it will be great in the beginning ur willing to work harder than anybody and quickly prove urself. But guess what. When they have #### loads that nobody wants, guess whos gonna get them. It will soon backfire in ur face when they realize they can use u as a donkey to move all the #### nobody wants. And when u start to complain they will throw excuses in ur face ” this is all we got take it or leave it”. Well thats when its time to move along. People with a can do attitude nowadays is looked down upon because we will do the #### nobody wants to do and we get the short end of the stick anymore.


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