1. Started out and in my 10 month. Spent 22K trying to stay ahead of the curve, fixing everything that came up and then some. Bought used 2014 Volvo 670 with 520K has 630K so far this year. Fixed oil leaks, emission issues, new tires, and anything else that came up. Bam out of no where, engine needed to be rebuilt. 30K later I am back at it. Be warned this is not for the faint hearted. Thankfully I am a very strong minded person. I am ready for winter…lol


  2. Makes you wonder if buying an older truck with that many miles on it was worth it? Think of all the money AND down time you’ve spent on an older truck that couldve been used on a newer truck with less repairs needed. Less downtime.


  3. Hearing your story is why I decided to buy a new rig when I started last year. Yes it cost me a ton of money, but I don’t have any surprises that aren’t covered under warranty.


  4. Same!


  5. I would had bought new but did not have the funds to go new. Could not do lone mountain route either as I did not qualify. Was the only route that worked at the time. Glad I did it but it could had been easier. I could had fixed the engine for 20K but why do that when I could rebuild it for 10k more and have warranty.


  6. I wanted to but just couldn’t make it work. Honestly I have only been down for about three weeks for the whole year. Been lucky most everything happened around home.


  7. i can just about repair everything mechanical on a older truck myself for 22k. first year is always rough though. keep your head held high and pushing forward learn as much as you can as you go and it gets easier.


  8. Good news is I am learning fast. Bad news it is on my dime. At least now I have a good warranty.


  9. It’s a tossup, it’s not unheard of for brand new trucks off the lot to turn out to be duds a year into running. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. Those volvos are notorious for issues though.


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