semi truck with flatbed trailerEverGreen Industries is a trucking company based in Liberty, Mississippi. If you are searching for truck driving jobs in Mississippi or across the Southeast, this is a great resource to consider. Let us show you just how much money you can earn as a truck driver when working for EverGreen Industries. We also pave the way for you to win in the trucking industry with driver eligibility requirements for this Mississippi trucking carrier. Learn more today and see what your trucking career could be if you drove a truck for EverGreen Industries.

About EverGreen Industries Trucking

What kind of truck driving jobs are available at EverGreen Industries trucking? Start with flatbed trucking jobs including oversized hauls. The company hires owner-operators, lease purchase drivers, and company drivers. If you have any driving experience in flatbed hauling and a solid work history with handling oversized hauls, EverGreen Industries wants to hire you.

Driver Pay at EverGreen Industries

As a flatbed truck driver at EverGreen Industries, you can expect to make anywhere from 54 to 57 cents per mile. This is based solely on your flatbed driving experience. Your pay is 54 CPM for someone with 4 to 12 months of experience. For a driver with 1 to 2 years of behind the wheel experience, the pay is 55 CPM.

If you are a driver with 2 to 5 years of experience, you will start out at 56 cents per mile. Those truck drivers with more than 5 years of experience start out at the top of the pay chart at 57 CPM. These are some of the best starting pay rates in the trucking industry and for the Southeast in particular. In addition, the truck driving fleet gets home on weekends 95 percent of the time.

Benefits and Bonuses at EverGreen Industries

Along with truck driver pay, there are several bonus pay opportunities at EverGreen Industries. When you sign on with the company you get paid $2,500. In addition, you make $1,000 in orientation pay. The carrier also pays its drivers a $2,500 recruiting bonus for any drivers you refer to the company. That’s for every single referral, too. This program lets you bring your truck driver buddies on board and give them a better-paying trucking job in the meantime. Truck drivers at EverGreen Industries can make up to 4 cents per mile in bonus pay every single run.

This is along with a $210 in minimum load pay, as well as $25 in clean DOT inspections. Plus, even though this company is an oversized freight provider, every time you take on an oversized haul they pay you an extra 5 CPM. That is in addition to tarp pay, which means you get paid for a mandatory requirement for most flatbed freight hauls. You have to tarp no matter what—you might as well get paid for it, too. The trucking company also offers health insurance including vision and dental.

EverGreen Industries Equipment for Drivers

One of the areas of a trucking company that is often overlooked when shopping around for a new carrier to work for is equipment. But if you are leasing a truck or running as a company driver in a work owned truck and have a company trailer, you want that equipment to be stellar. Here is where late model equipment at EverGreen Industries scores major points.

The carrier specs out its equipment including flatbed trailers to be lightweight, which increases fuel efficiency. The fuel economy you save helps you earn that extra pay in the form of a fuel bonus at EverGreen Industries. They literally set you up for success—it’s up to you to seize the moment.

Other technology that comes standard on the company’s trucking equipment includes air pressure systems on flatbed trailers and tire pressure monitoring systems. The company also selects the most appropriate frame length for hauling oversized loads. This means you are not stuck with too much excess trailer length and weight, and vice versa. You are well-matched with your freight hauls thanks to the company’s selection of equipment.

They also provide drivers with APUs in all regions, as well as paid PrePass and dunnage racks on flatbeds. Other features include:

  • Anti-roll stability
  • Automatic braking
  • Blind spot radar
  • Forward looking radar
  • Lane departure system

All of this technology improves the safety and performance of truck drivers hauling for EverGreen Industries. If you want to haul for trucking companies like EverGreen, check out our truck driving job opportunities now at Trucker Classifieds.


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