Putting professional truck drivers first has been the cornerstone of Transport America’s mission. Now, Transport America is taking that concept a step further with its new Freedom Fleet program for owner-operators who drive for Transport America.

Freedom Fleet offers owner-operators more freedom in managing their business more precisely. The program gives owner-operators a new sense of ownership – the ability to be paid a percentage of the revenue earned by Transport America on the loads they haul for the company.

Ron Anderson, Director of Transport America’s Intermodal Logistics department, who has worked with Transport America for 28 years, helped develop Freedom Fleet. Working closely with owner-operators, Anderson and his team have designed a program that gives owner-operators more control over their revenue stream, and thus, their ability to be successful.

“We wanted to make something for drivers made by drivers,” says Anderson.

Transport America’s, owner-operators and lease-to-own drivers helped design the Freedom Fleet load board app. The App allows drivers to see potential loads of cargo within Transport America’s Solo operating territory. The owner-operator has the ability to select their next load online based on the amount of revenue that a particular load will generate for them, Freedom Fleet also allows owner-operators who would prefer to be paid by the mile to continue with that payment model as well.

Through the percentage-based pay program, owner-operators receive:

  • Choose their own loads
  • Earn 65% of line haul (in comparison to $1.03 per mile on all miles under the mile-based pay system)
  • Fuel surcharge on all loaded miles
  • $5,000 new hire sign-on bonus
  • Industry leading discounts on fuel, DEF, tires and repairs
  • Prepass available supplemental medical and dental program
  • Assistance with insurance coverage
  • Paid accessorial, detention, lumpers and stop-offs

“Transport America knows experienced owner operators count every cent and every mile,” says Anderson, “They are excellent drivers, and excel as business owners who take everything into account. The Freedom Fleet program acknowledges this and lets drivers pick loads that maximize their revenue stream.”

“This system allows an owner-operator to be a business owner and contribute to Transport America on the successful delivery of a load,” says Anderson, “they choose the load and plan their route.”

“Based on our testing to date,” Anderson says, “owner-operators are making more money, and more importantly, feel like they have more control over their work. That’s really important to them.”

“The program is already garnering positive word-of-mouth reviews within the owner-operator community,” Anderson adds. “We’ve seen a handful of owner-operators who used to drive for us in the past come back to Transport America because we have implemented this program.”

Anderson and the team at Transport America understand that professional truck driving takes both skill and business savvy. Nobody knows their vehicle better than drivers, and now, with Freedom Fleet, owner-operators and Transport America lease-to-own drivers are earning more for managing their businesses wisely.


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