Our 89 volvo had bosch Ambers near the center of our bumper and they were incadascent. If we were alone in the mountains with no oncoming traffic, it is the difference between being able to continue to stay on the interstate at all or falling off the mountain. We had a rule with them to turn them off when oncoming traffic is found.

I ran ambers only in my east coast cars, they are good for the foggy situations common to that area.

However, LED lighting is a form of pollution and if I wanted Amber lights of sufficient capacity they will be the old incadescants. Not LED. However I may not have a choice because I am getting ready to replace the entire front headlight group on my old tahoe and the new set will have provision for amber fog lights. The other problem is the LED lighting uses very little power but poisons with light pollution at night for anyone looking at them without treated night lenses for the eyes. Once you have that then the oncoming lighting at night is less of a problem.



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