We all got a few that makes us chuckle so let’s hear em.

A driver from a company that just took some of our Chevron accounts did a mix in a busy station but somehow did not catch it at first. Diesel into regular gas. A lady fills up her car and leaves but it starts running rough so she hurries home grabs her other car to get going. Yup you guessed it she needed to fill up!

Now this made the paper with a big picture of the pump-out being done. Chevron put it up on the wall in the driver’s room. Another driver and I were looking at it and chuckling at all the safety violations in the picture and shaking our heads because the company’s boss was directing all of the work. All of a sudden the Chevron terminal manager leans in between us for a better look. The other driver and I got out of there fast before he had a chance to question us on what we were seeing. The driver that had the mix kept his job and his boss just got a talking to by Chevron but it did cost them a lot. They set up a repair deal with a dealership to take care of all the cars that got the bad mix.

What funny stories do you have?



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