I want to start a career in OTR.

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I do have a criminal past:

1. Brandishing a firearm 2001 or 2002(misdemeanor)

2. disorderly conduct 2005

3. assault 4th degree and 2 counts resisting arrest 2006 (misdemeanors)

4.DUI 2007

Number 1 and Number 3 have been expunged 2 years ago. The disorderly conduct was dismissed upon completion of probation and the DUI from my understanding was dismissed after completing everything (not from my driving record but from the criminal aspect). To sum up: everything after 2007 i got my life together.

With having the past i know my options start shrinking. My aim is to go to a company that will train me and help in getting my CDL not going to school beforehand. But i want a heavy emphasis on snow/ice driving: i want to be safe and dont want to be solo my first winter scared out of my mind lol. I dont like the idea of being a double with my trainer during ice driving and him sleeping through it( that is the impression I’m getting from alot of companies).

I want to try Prime INC. but i have the feeling they wont take me with my past: can anyone comment on this?

Any input, advice, etc. is much appreciated!!!



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