Hi all, I am not a new driver, but I wasn’t sure where else to put this…

I drove OTR for Prime from April 2013 to September 2015. Prime is a good company, and I have nothing negative to say about them, so please don’t turn this into a Prime-bashing thread. I left the first time for personal reasons — I was pursuing another career path which didn’t turn out — and eventually returned to Prime (mostly out of familiarity with them) for a few months in 2017 (from June to November). But, I quickly became burned out at a lot of the BS inherent in trucking, and left.

I drove for a small local company for a few months in early 2018, and ended up leaving there due to low pay — the work was fine, but the pay was too low to sustain me. I ultimately ended up landing a full-time teaching job that fall (the career I had before I was trucking) which I have had since, but the driving bug has never quite gone away…

Here is my question — and I know Chinatown can help me out, as well as (probably) others I don’t know — what would be a good OTR company, small, not a mega-carrier (like Prime), which roams mostly in the west (Nebraska west), or in Canada? I know Jim Palmer was a decent one (from being associated with Prime), but I want to know if there are any others out there.

I just want to see what options may be available in case I get sick of teaching. Thanks for any help you guys can provide!



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