Well everyone…today will be my last day in the business.

The last two months I’ve made a total of 2000 dollars. I’ve begged, Ive threatened, ive applied for other trucking jobs, nothing promising.

frankly, after the jerk around that Pams given me, and the shady people I’ve had to talk to trying to get a different job…I’ve just had such a bad taste put in my mouth that I’m having issues trusting any trucking company.

this last week was the last straw: my son had a seizure and ended up in the ICU. I was in PA and had to get back to MI…took over a week, 4 of which were days I just sat on my ###. It’s one thing to sit and make money, it’s a very different thing to be making 100 dollars max a week, sit on your ###, while your son is in the hospital.

At this point, I’m too afraid to get into another trucking company and screw my family over any further.

I wish I would’ve joined this forum before signing on to Pam, things might have been very different…

It’s back to cooking I guess!



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