Truckers Christmas Group

Truckers Christmas Group PARK CITY, Kan. – The organization that raises funds to help truckers and their families in the U.S. and Canada has announced its 12th annual holiday fundraising campaign.

The Truckers Christmas Group said Monday it will begin the campaign Nov. 18. Aid nominations will open on the TGCO website beginning Nov. 21 and will close on Dec. 11.

In 2018, the organization saw record numbers of applications and delivered $8,000 to 16 families during the Christmas season.

Since its inception, TGCO has raised more than $90,000 and helped 154 trucking families ease the financial burdens associated with the holiday season.

The group noted that it has been a particularly bad year for the industry, with close to 650 trucking companies going bankrupt in the first six months alone, leaving more than 3,000 drivers without jobs.

TGCO is anticipating another record year of applications and seeks donations to help provide aid for families in need – not just from unemployment – but from illness and other events that can make the holiday season more stressful year-after-year.

“We haven’t even opened the application process yet and already we’ve received recommendations for multiple families that would significantly benefit from TGCO’s efforts,” said Mark Abraham, president of TGCO.

“This year has been incredibly difficult for the drivers in our community and the donation of goods and funds will help us make sure each and every driver in our trucking family can support their families during the holiday season.”

To nominate a driver and his/her family, click here. All nominations will remain anonymous.


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