absolute worst

Prime, people like to praise their training program. This is the only company you will find making drivers buy all their own equipment. Tire Chains, load locks/load lock scam, etc. No one else does this. They also get pushed to drive dangerously slow on the highways.

C.R. England, They used to be big on pushing leases, lately they’ve been training people and dumping them off after thats done.

Western Express, This is really a last ditch company and maybe not the worst company to go with. If no one else will take you due to driving record, they’ll most likely take you. This is also the kind of place if they’re willing to take you when no one else will. You’re in a position to keep your mouth shut and do what you’re told with the line of the FMCSA.


CRST, Alot of bad can be said about this company.

Carolina Cargo,




USA Truck


US Express,

Stevens Transport, they pop up from time to time in the sub but it’s typical complaints that you’d see anywhere.


Swift/Knight Transportation, (knight) I’m joking, right? The Company is easy to rip on, the pay is low but so are most megas. They’ve actually improved and most that I talk to that do work for them enjoy working here. They could go down a slot but you may need the laugh. decent write up on Swift

Averitt Express,


Roehl Transport, I hear these guys are actually strict but worth getting into.


Wil Trans,


Jim Palmer Trucking,

Titan Transfer,

Carter Express,




Is going to be funding on your own, community college (possible grants), using the military like national guard to drive truck or another branch if you’re going to look at that route there’s also many trades available through the military. Then there’s various Dock to Driver programs especially helpful if you’re young as in high school aged or under 21. These Programs have you starting off on the dock, once you qualify you can apply for their program. Different companies vary on how they work, some start you off as a yard jockey, or going into city driver then linehaul. You’ll end up with better training, company seniority, benefits, and be in a position for higher pay, and bidding on desired routes.

USPS, UPS, XPO, OLD Dominion, Fed Ex Freight, SAIA, SYSCO, US FOODS, please suggest other companies that have dock to driver programs.

Do you have to do OTR to get started?

You might have to start off doing OTR two maybe three months if you go the mega training company route but most of these companies offer local dedicated accounts. you don’t see this talked about often but they tend to be better than their otr fleets. Less Nonsense and more pay, some let you be home everyday, every otherday or once a week. But you have to ask about them in your area, you dont have to settle for the first company that offers you a spot.

What about Leasing?

(Lease), (Leasing)

I wish people that went down this road were more open about this topic, but it’s more of a touchy subject. So many people get burned by this that they want to push others to do it. People tend to be happy to talk about what their trucks make but never what the final numbers are or like to only talk about that one good check they got then claim they get that every week.

You’re not going to get a job at an ice cream shop then run out and get your own franchise, why would you do it in trucking?

You were probably shown that $6,000 statement that the truck made last week and told thats what you’ll make every week, right? One problem, the truck made that what about expenses. There’s two numbers here, what the truck makes and what you make.

For the sake of argument here’s an average from the many end of year statement I’ve seen and talking to people that deal with truck taxes of lease/owner ops:

Lease Truck: $150,000 to $175,000 a year

After expenses: +/- $30,000 to $45,000

Jumping right in with no knowledge you can easily make much less than $30k, people also don’t like talking about the weeks where they take home no money at all. This can go one for weeks especially with a costly breakdown.

Not much info can be found to show this however I did find a fairly recent article showing similar numbers. Screenshot Article link

You can make that and more as a company driver without the liability, risk, or expenses.

Any help to make this info better would be appreciated, companies to add, spots to put them or suggestions.

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