My buddy from high school is in town visiting his family, and is a lead tech where works in Toledo (can’t remember the name of the company). We went out for a beer last night and we were both talking about work when he told me about this software he just bought called FleetCross.

Apparently it has all all the service information like wiring diagrams, powertrain diagnostic codes, ac data, serpentine drive belt routing, etc. straight from the OE’s who provide that info (Volvo, Pete, Freightliner, even medium duty stuff like Isuzu and Hino) since they use the software. He was also telling me that he also uses it to cross parts from OE parts to aftermarket saving him a ton of money (and time too) in the short time he’s used it.

It sounded really cool, but the parts cross sounded too good to be true. I have interchanges that I already use, but he was telling me the parts cross was way more comprehensive with more manufacturers.

Has anyone heard of or used FleetCross? I wanted to look into it, but I didn’t see much feedback online from current users.



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