1. I am planning on making the switch to tankers, prefer hazmat. I have gotten names of some companies from this forum. Looking to get in find who you prefer, any helpful advice, what training criteria is. Thank you for your help.


  2. What are you looking to do haul anything haz? Assuming your still located down in Ga? Preferred regional,local or fully over the road?


  3. Haul tanker hazmat, doesn’t matter what, regional / OTR opportunities. Yes still in GA


  4. florida tank lines, comcar(ccc), boasso if in the coast, quality carriers corporate not affiliate, McKenzie, miller transporters, horizon tank lines, twt, dana that’s all I can remember from the top of my head


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  5. Up in this neck of the woods, you would make the most hauling fuel. BUT, might be a little late night, early morning hours to do it.


  6. Any thoughts on MC Tank?


  7. Hazmat Environmental Group, Buffalo NY, terminal in Cincinatti and trucks based across east half of country.


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  8. You have one called Marlin Transport that was looking for a driver to pull jet fuel out of Doraville a few months ago….but I think they want at least 2 years of tanker experience. They came after me pretty heavily on a referral, but I live just east of Athens, so it was just a little too far for me.


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  9. Jet is easy. All it is kerosene with a lot of sulfur in it. Everything is pretty clean compared to gas. All you do is lode the truck then put a little jet fuel from each compartment in a ceramic lined bucket to see if it has any contaminants in it. I used to do my own testing with a hydrometer but then the airports wanted an independent company to do it. Even that was easy. If you can get on doing Jet fuel do it. Easy money and it sounds cool to say you haul Jet fuel.


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