1. Hello all. I have a 1991 379. I have four individual headlights and all seemed well until recently. Both low beams work but when I turn my high beams on the driver side both lights don’t work, but on my passenger side both lights do work. Any suggestions where I should start looking?


  2. Put two new lights in the driver side


  3. Check the wiring harness first, the one that goes to the lights on the hood from the frame, these wires flex every time you open the hood.


  4. Will do. Thank you Ridgeline.


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  5. And how is this supposed to help?


  6. Because your bright light works off your dim light that’s why there’s three prongs on your dim light and two prongs on your bright light you asked I just gave my two cents if you don’t want to use it that’s fine with me!
    If it doesn’t work I’m sorry I have no other suggestions , Nothing ventured nothing gained!


  7. Deere Hunter, your initial post sounded sarcastic. And it is common in forums for people to post things like that, so that’s how I took it. Thank you for your information.


  8. Problem found and fixed, broken wire. What a mess to work through.


  9. No problem been running 379’s for year have had that and other problems similar so if no wiring problems that’s usually the culprit!!!
    God Bless and happy trails!


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