1. Well i landed a decent job today… but i can’t accept it. I have a missed inspection citation (i was a new driver paying too much attention to the mountain scenery that I’ve never seen before in person. This was from early summer and court kept getting rescheduled because they kept losing my paperwork I’d sent them and another citation in Aug for same thing only i wanted to fight the second one because the lights actually weren’t flashing. They just weren’t. The new company said i need to take care of them before i can go to orientation. Small town courts (both) and the judges only come once a month. I can get in there for court in December. I accept full responsibility for the first citation. I was new. Lesson learned, but the second one, i just can’t. I didn’t “earn” that ticket, i don’t want it on my record. Wont i get suspended if i give in to both and just plead guilty and pay? Won’t that be 4 points? It wouldn’t bother me but I’m sure my dispatcher found out I’m looking elsewhere. That worries me. I don’t want to get set up for accidents and etc out of spite. I’ve heard stories.


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  2. nobody has a clue what point system your talking about.


  3. What specifically is your question?


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  4. you have a open ticket case. pay the fees and move on.


  5. Why abandon your other threads when people have asked so many questions? Just curious.


  6. 3 or 4 open threads lol


  7. And now I’m thinking she’s only worth about 17 cpm or whatever she said it was. Lol


  8. I fought the law and the law won!


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