I changed to Highway, because it was a smaller company, and the pay is a little better overall. Also Highways’ loads are mainly from Dow Chemical. Most all my loads are preloaded, delivering to Dow customers. I haven’t had any issues unloading. Like not having enough room to unload my tank.

Highway doesn’t have a terminal in Atlanta. I park at the tank wash in Conley. Most of the time my load from the house, is in Knoxville. I’m paid to deadhead up there to pick it up.

Highway does have regional and local work in some areas. For Atlanta, the regional work is out of McDonough. The regional guys are usually home thru the week and every weekend.

I’m enjoying the system work. We don’t generally go past I-35. For my hometime, I usually take off for three days. System drivers stay in the newest trucks. They come with a fridge and microwave. System drivers get a bonus every quarter for the amount of miles you ran for the previous quarter. I haven’t got mine yet, but in general I heard it was around $1000.



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