1. What are the average rates for hoppers now?


  2. 1.80 to 2.10 is what I been getting on 2500 miles a week.


  3. A good friend of mine is only averaging $1.65 a mile when you add all the deadhead miles. He’s about ready to hang it up, which I can understand why.


  4. OO or company?


  5. OO or company?


  6. owner operator with his own authority pulling someone else’s trailer and being dispatched by them


  7. Are you idling/sitting in line much? Are you hauling grain?


  8. No grain. Just about average idling give reliant a call in Lincoln Nebraska. I’m not saying there the best it just what working for me.


    brianv31 and MOBee Thank this.

  9. I appreciate you sharing. That’s the main thing if it’s working for you. We get involved with Cargill and Frito Lay some but typically don’t run out away from home with it. Did some for Indigo last winter that wasn’t bad, but haven’t lately with them. In my opinion, hoppers are tough to make profitable because the margins are usually so thin all it takes is one day where you’re sitting in line and get out of your normal routine and it costs you a load, etc.


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