Respectfully,I see this more often in truck stops than 5 years ago logically once in a while I can understand but every night? I’ve been hit 2 times by people doing this and have been blocked in more times than I can count because someone wants to nose it in a spot that they have no business nosing in. Granted its night they’re tired I’ll give them that but if they can’t do their job of backing in an easy spot like this and at least try to make it look like they attempted to straighten it out perhaps they need more training or shouldn’t even be driving. To me it boils down how you assess a situation regardless of fatigue,sickness etc you still need to be able if medically and mentally possible to maneuver your truck to get it parked right?. I highly doubt this was fatigue to me it looks to be a “my spot me first” and they didn’t want to risk losing a spot or just don’t give a shit like 60 percent of drivers today.


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