Assuming he is dead two to three weeks, decomposition would have been eliminating the flesh itself from his skeleton. What remained of it would be a combination of green and black in color of death with smells to boot.


Come on now…

One of our relatives died in the hallway door to his bedroom and it was about that long before his blood family gave us authroity to have police do damage to the home to gain entry for welfare. He had been in bad health among other problems before then for a long time. Cremation took care of the mess generally and they sawed out the sections of the hall floor, lower wall and under foundation to eliminate problems post death.

I personally was sick three days in the Darien Rest area at CT right off the ramp while loaded and reefer running. The body was not working right and I stayed in the bunk resting. But did not know I was progressing towards a lethal medical problem which would have destroyed the appendix and then killed me by septis. (Blood poisoning) My boss had 10 states worth of troopers hunting me formally that week.

How did I get out of that situation? Well, I bought a gallon of coffee at the new McDees there in the area and drove straight home to Maryland in about 9 hours. In 11 hours after that I was in surgery that morning around sunrise. The truck and it’s load? Left at the yard. Which really raised holy hell with some of our good customers unfortunately.

Doc told me to stay home 6 weeks for incision to heal but boss begged. Now I hate to see grown men beg the way pappy did at the end of three weeks. I was rolling then for him. And unloading trailers off the floor several times the 4th week without apparent trouble.

I don’t know enough about ELD and tracking but three weeks is a very long time. I assume the truck would have run out of fuel about the 4th or 5th day at most and batteries run down a few days after that at most. Once the batteries quit then everything in that truck quit as well. Thats my educated guess and opinions based on the situation there.

You would think dispatch would be beside themselves whar is that truck? Where is my truck? Why aint my driver getting in touch? and so on etc etc etc by the end of week one, never mind week three. Its my experience that if I sit 20 hours or longer any one spot Dispatch is all over my situation. What is going on driver? if they did not get to me personally they send a senior driver out to find my rig and beat on the door and see whats what. Had that happen many times. What with the satellite and so on. Anything is possible.

The Media articles are never helpful. They only generate more questions than have a value. Im sorry the man is gone. But it is a risk in trucking that you can possibly pass on and no one will notice for a long time. Days or weeks. Its unfortunate. There is probably not enough left to do a proper autospy. They can do a certain amount but its been too long and he will need to be cremated after.

My two cents. For what they are worth.



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