For those who are still running with a grandfathered automatic on-board recording device, but would like to make the switch to ELD, there are two big questions on your mind:
How to make the switch?
How will this affect my drivers?
Here, we’ll address both.

DashLink Install Resources.

How to switch from AOBRD to ELD

If you are BigRoad’s AOBRD customer, you already have the proper hardware – DashLink – installed and will not need to swap. It is ELD-ready, and all you need to do is to make the switch on our website on your computer.

NOTE:  You may want to reference the BigRoad ‘How To Check The ELD Readiness Report And Turn On ELD Functionality For Your Fleet’ 

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow:

  1. Turn on ELD for your fleet

– Log into your BigRoad account on our website
– Got to the Menu (top left)
– Click on Fleet
– Click on Edit (top right corner)
– Scroll to the bottom of the page and select all three (3) ELD Features

  1. Once ELD is turned on, you will have to label all of your trucks individually as “ELD”

    There are two ways to do this:
    a. Click on Trucks under the Fleet tab → Select Edit → Select ELD
    b. Click on Trucks from the Menu → Click on the individual truck → Click on Edit → Select ELD

What are the things that will change for my drivers?

  1. Editing duty status

After switching to ELD, Administrators will only be able to edit duty statuses and will no longer be able to adjust the time. As an administrator, you can edit on duty driving to off-duty/Personal conveyance or any on duty status to off duty or sleeper.

NOTE: With ELD, “Yard move” can only be done in “On duty” status and is not limited (as opposed to AOBRD, where Yard move could be done on any status and limited to 5 miles).

  1. ELD Roadside / Audits

Your driver will see a new “Send to FMCSA” button that will appear in the BigRoad application. This is how they will complete a roadside inspection. They will use the same button to submit any ELD Audits.

  1. License numbers

Driver’s license numbers, and the U.S. state they are issued in, need to be entered on the web portal. To complete this, you will need to click on the drivers name on the web portal, select edit and enter in the information.

  1. Carrier Edit Approvals

Once ELD logs are submitted/signed by a driver, carriers can suggest edits to them to make corrections on behalf of the driver (e.g. drive time of a log). Previously, these corrections were made without notifying the driver or requiring their approval.

When a carrier suggests an edit to a driver, the driver is notified the next time they log into the BigRoad Mobile App. They are prompted to review a pending edit and can either approve or reject it. If the driver rejects the edit, they will be required to include a response, indicating why it was rejected. 

  • Carrier Edits are turned on automatically, when you turn on ELD for your fleet.
  • Drivers can now sign their logs multiple times a day to allow for mid-day edit. These signatures are captured on the log and are visible at roadside inspection.
  • Once a carrier makes an edit, they will send the suggestion to the driver. The driver will then be prompted to accept or reject it in the BigRoad application.

To enable Carrier Edit Approvals on a driver-by-driver basis, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the desired driver in the Drivers tab within the BigRoad Web App and click the driver name link for the driver you want to enable
  2. Click Edit
  3. Check the box that says Require approval for carrier edits for this driver
  4. Click Save

Click here for your complete guide to managing Carrier Edit Approvals, including how to turn them on, how to enter in a carrier edit, and how a driver accepts it.

Get Flexible With BigRoad

Our DashLink ELD takes the guesswork out the split sleeper berth provision. It allows drivers to easily switch into sleeper berth status and automatically records their available on-duty time. Learn more by requesting a demo below!

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