hub group trucking big rig on the roadThe latest news on the truck driving company front is that Hub Group Trucking is a top 3PL provider. The honor comes from Global Trade magazine and shows that Hub Group is a supply chain leader. If you want to work with one of the best paying trucking companies, this is one of them. Check out what it means to be a top 3PL leader and how to work for one.

About Hub Group Award-Winning Leadership

To be a top 3PL provider, Hub Group had to show the editors at Global Trade that they had excelled at several points of evaluation. These include operational excellence, disruptive technology, and innovation, as well as the company’s reputation in the industry, and initiatives that are considered “game-changers.”

Chairman and CEO David Yeager at Hub Group said, “Hub Group provides innovative, cost-saving solutions that enhance service and eliminate costs. It is our goal to be the premier supply chain solutions company by focusing on our customers and delivering the highest value for them every day.” Global Trade agreed and has included Hub Group in America’s Leading 3PLs report.

Driving a Truck for Hub Group

To get a trucking job for Hub Group means you will become an intermodal truck driver. This is an LTL and regional trucking company that keeps you close to home with short runs between home time. You can expect to have a steady or familiar route, too, which means you are going to spend far less time route planning and mapping and dealing with the prospect of new customers. Hub Group is also a dedicated trucking company hiring drivers for dedicated hauls. They provide truck brokerage and logistics in-house, which means you are

In terms of the truck driver salary at Hub Group, the truck driver pay is based on the Fast Pay system. That way you get paid faster and more convenient to you. The company is also a member of the SmartWay program. This gives them access to the best fuel economy equipment and technology. You have a chance to save fuel and get those fuel bonuses more often when driving for a company in this program. If you are working as an intermodal, highway carrier, or drayage driver, now is the time to give Hub Group Trucking a try by applying now.

Getting Hired at Hub Group Trucking

Become a truck driver for Hub Group Trucking today! Apply to a trucking job here at Trucker Classifieds. We put you in front of the best paying trucking companies near you. Find out what kind of driver eligibility requirements are involved so you can best prepare for your trucking career. We help you by matching you to truck driving jobs that best suite your needs and haul experience. For example, if you are an intermodal drayage hauler, then Hub Group Trucking is one of the best driving jobs you can apply to. Check out where Trucker Classifieds is hiring near you to get started with a trucking job at a company in your area.

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