1. Straight up old school chicken haulin outfit. Big miles big trucks and stackin big bucks!!!!!!


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  2. they use to be when they had 379 pete’s with customized sleepers and spread axle trailers in the late 90s now just another plastic bumper ugly company truck


  3. E2622167-F576-4BC5-899F-23FF68BDE75A.jpeg


  4. lol, :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


  5. i see these guys on 70 a lot in the midwest. lots of lights, they always have radios and they’re always hammered down. i approve.


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  6. Too bad they have driver/hood facing cameras, front radar like Crete has and side radar for detecting white/yellow line cross and that whole jazz. They sure are old school though..


  7. Carhaulerjeff
    I agree, i remember when the Long Nose Pete’s had big power, 18 spd tranny’s, and large sleepers. Now they run the new breed models with 78″- 82″ sleepers. I have heard good and bad about this company. Unsure as to the stories, as i do not listen to idol gossip.


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