I always get great advice on this forum from you guys so I thought I’d run this semi unrelated event past yall (no pun intended lol) to see if anyone’s got any pointers or suggestions.

I was recently in an auto accident in my personal vehicle. An old lady with a handicap sticker on her suv pulled out in front of me and I hit her. I was going down a freeway and came up on an intersection saw the lady there and then she proceeded to pull out into my lane. I put on my breaks and they locked up and I started sliding towards her. my car started sliding sideways and the drivers side front corner ended up being the area that collided into her.

The detective came out and looked at the situation took our statements. i said it was pretty cut and dried she pulled out in front of me and i hit her. the lady said she pulled up and then bam. her exact words.

I found out later that the detective said in his report I used faulty evasive maneuvers and hit her basically placing the blame on me. her insurance company “farmers” adjustment rep has rejected my claim consequently.

I took several pictures of the accident scene so i went back to those and looked at them to try and get an idea on why in the hell the detective saw it the way he did and found that the ladys car were it was after the crash was basically just a bit past the line making it look like i had slide into her area but I had taken another picture that showed a skid mark that led to her front drivers side corner (were i hit her) putting her out in the middle of the road.

I’m thinking I need to call the detective up and some how send him the picture showing the situation. what actually happened was when i hit her my car knocked her car over into the area were it looked like she wasn’t that far out.

I’ve talked to a couple of people and there saying there’s no way that detective will change his statement that basically I’m screwed.

What’s yall’s prospective on this situation?

I’m thinking if the detective doesn’t see it my way then I have two options call the lady up and try and get her to admit to it or take it to small claims court and hope the judge is actually concerned about justice.



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