1. I’m looking to make my 379 a little louder, but not too obnoxious. It’s a 2007 C15 625 and has a nice humm at idle and pop with the jake but it’s only noticeable when you’re close to it. I was wondering if anyone knows of a muffler that gives out a nice sound without waking a neighborhood


  2. A little louder can be accomplished by buying mufflers that don’t have the baffle that is across the inside. Hold it and eyeball it..should see straight through. Of course straights are great, (but irritating at times) if you don’t have jake brake johnny trying to prove he is the man.


  3. We have a lot of aerocab Pete’s with either straight through baffle or hollowed out mufflers (single stack trucks) and they are completely obnoxious. I’m stuck in one now because mines down for service and after a 10 hour trip my ears are ringing. Then again, those trucks have S60 Detroits…I was gonna order them online if I could find them, is there a particular brand that you’d recommend?


  4. Gimme some straights and I will need no radio. Music to my ears that old 3406b cat wasn’t the fastest actually it was usually the slowest out off all the other dump trucks but boy was she loud and BOY did I love that sound. Hope you find what you’re looking for driver


  5. Donaldson mufflers are good..at least they used to be. Not even sure what I have on my truck now, been quite awhile since replaced. I’m trying to get these through another winter. Small hole in 1. But its behind the heat shield. Got puco’d Friday at the Pa -Ohio line and passed with no violations. I’m planning on straight thru kind when replacing. I think for cheap mayby TRP, you know, paccar’s stuff. I personally ain’t sold on some of their quality.


  6. When I was a younger man the sound was great to me also. But now older and ..well not so much. But hey if you love it, it works for me. Just remember, when you hit older age and you think..why is everyone mumbling? Mayby the old eardrums have had enough of the loud pipes? Lol


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    Amen to the getting older thing. Running drive in baffles in 7″ straights on an 05 379 flat top with a single out Acert. Been teaming some with my wife lately and we sound like the Bickersons for a day or so after getting out of it….


  8. This Detroit I’ve been running has been killing me. I’m only 25 and love loud trucks but this thing just has a sound of it’s own. Its not like a CAT, babababababa engine brake, it’s more like a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Lol. Extremely loud and almost embarrassing to use haha


  9. disconect the side stacks and run a pipe to the ground. It will bust the windows going thru town


  10. I ran the same exact truck I’m in now except it had a weed burner on it. As soon as I took my foot off the throttle and that engine brake kicked on I thought I broke the whole truck. It was insanely loud lol I looked underneath it while I was unloading and all it was was a straight pipe ran into a 6 inch stack dumped right behind the front rear axle


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