Read this on Craigslist and question after question kept coming in my mind. Let me be perfectly clear, I am not interested in this but I wonder who would.

we need a Hotshot driver with a clean record.
Will be driving a 3500 Dually RAM with a 35’long flatbed trailer.
This job is ideal for someone who is dependable and willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done.
We will do our best to bring you home every two weeks.
Compensation is percentage of load.
( You do not have to have a CDL for this position).
1st thing that struck me, “willing to do whatever is need to get the job done” Does this include a complete disregard of “safety”? Does this include “snubbing your nose at HOS”?

2nd thing that struck me, “We will do our best to bring you home every two weeks” Boy! I have heard this before:p:p Stay out 2 weeks or more in a “pick up” truck? Is the employer going to pay for a motel every night? Don’t think sleeping in a “pick up” every night for 2 weeks is very “inviting”.

3rd thing that struck me, “Compensation is percentage of load” In other words, the driver will be paid under a 1099 and most of us here know what this involves or how this puts the driver “out on a limb”.

4th thing that struck me, “You do not have to have a CDL”. Since I am not well versed, someone jump in and tell me, is this right? No CDL ? No log book? Exempt on DOT requirements? I do not believe a word of this!!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:



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