1. So I’ve been out of a truck for almost 2 years now. Last time I was on these forums I was in Prime Inc. training. I got my cdl with them in January of 2018. I ended up leaving because my wife had a baby (our child) in March of 2018. Looking back I can’t believe I was stupid enough to try to start a trucking career with a wife 7 months along. Anyways, I came back to Florida and continued commercial fishing for about a year and a half and just recently got back from Alaska (king crab fishing). I’m supposed to be back in Dutch Harbor on Jan. 1st but told my deck boss I wasn’t 100% sure I was coming back and he said to give him 2 weeks notice. Anyways, after realizing that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back to AK and do the most mentally and physically painful thing I’ve ever done I also realized I don’t have a college degree, don’t have the time or money for a trade school, refuse to work in an office, and am over commercial fishing in general. So I’m now back to driving as an option. I’ve been making calls and have also realized it’s harder to get a job trucking with a CDL and no experience than it is with no CDL at all. Living in FL doesn’t help. My hundreds of calls have narrowed my search to only CRST. The recruiter claims I will get .40 cpm team driving at 3500-5000 miles per week. Now of course I know not to believe recruiters 100% by any means so my questions are… can anyone verify CRSTs pay for teams, how many miles they get, etc. Also are there any other options for me? I have called A LOT of companies. All the megas and some smaller ones as well. Any and all info. is appreciated. Thanks.


  2. As long as your driving record is good you can do better than CRST. China might have some suggestions @Chinatown


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