1. Company driving sucks! either you drive for a mega that pays low or an O/O with a raggedy truck with a decent wage. I’m going to do a short term lease (rental) and Chicagoland is looking very promising 88% gross payout (even allow you to pull Uber Freight) but I wanna make sure they take me out to dinner 1st before I find my pants around my ankles. Any other lease operators out there care to share your gross earnings and deductions??


  2. Chicago, lease. Hmmm. I wish you luck, and I hope you fare better than a lot of others.


  3. look at it this way. he’s getting dinner and a screwing. cant beat that,


  4. White Volvo………….. Perhaps..?


  5. Go for it.
    One less driver to compete against
    For the real jobs.


  6. When the rates were better dec 2017 – march 2018 I’d probably say go for it but with all the deductions these companies take out it’s hard to be anything other than a glorified company driver. If being company pays 1100-1300 as a L op you will get 1500-1800 if your good with fuel and that’s being generous as they deduct you to death trust me. They guarantee the world and you will go around the world twice and back running hard only to make 200-300 than you would as a company driver. If your in trucking for the long haul then hey go for it but also just think about saving your money over the next 2-3 years as a company guy and purchase your own truck eventually just a thought. I’ve done lease, owner finance and cash purchase so I’ve seen all sides of the industry in the past 2 short years and that kool aid is real good until settlement day! Wish you the best brother.


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