Hi all,
I work 2 full time jobs..
FIRE Dept. (24 on/48 off)
EMS 12hr shifts on non fire days… 12 days per month.

The EMS contract is coming to an end and it sounds like I will get a severance package that could pay for CDL school locally here.
But I have 6 years until Fire Retirement
( hopefully), so I cannot go out OTR because of the Fire Job. most new folks have to Go OTR for a year….
Will getting CDL now be a total waste of time and money…?? We have a car plant and suppliers here…heck I would just do yard moves..to have a second job…
I have no record, no Tix, no accidents, strong work history, 4 yr degree. Can easily pass physical and drug test and background check…
Just don’t want to pay and Get a useless CDL…. What do you all think?



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