So… I find myself with fuel in my oil and, after doing my due diligence, it seems the common consensus says I need to replace one or more injectors. I figured I’d just replace all of them once I open Pandora’s box and save myself some hassle down the road. Mostly I don’t know how to tell which one(s) is/are bad and doing all of them seems easiest.

My question is: just how difficult is this job? I’ve watched Rawze’ videos on doing the overhead and there doesn’t seem to be much to it as long as you have a couple different torque wrenches. But then ‘someone’ told me I’d have to be careful about cam wedges? Will I have to set the timing after replacing injectors?

I’m really about doing things for and by myself if and whenever possible. I’m not to keen on screwing things up because I’m too cheap. I’ve never cracked open a diesel, just stuck to doing things like shocks, brakes, whatever.

With slightly more brains than is required to know I’m not supposed to throw feces at others, what might my chances be of successfully replacing injectors and setting overhead be?



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