1. Any recommendations on booster cables? Aluminum/Copper clad or just Copper or does it matter? What gauge cable should I get? Thank you


  2. Polar wire.com. jumper cables


  3. I always just used a set of plain copper wire cables. I kept them behind the seat of my POV. I carried jumper cables in my truck for a long time. Back in my drive-a-way and repo days sometimes I had to use them. About 12 years ago I stopped carrying cables in my truck. I have seen what seems like simple things like shorting out a starter cause an electrical surge that messed up a truck electronics equipment. Owner operators might keep them. But from that period of time till I retired no cables or chargers touched my battery case unless it was a company mechanic or someone called to come out to help me.


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  4. When I drove a low-bed, I had a set the boss made from old welding cables so I could jump start equipment without having to get too close.


  5. The arctic cable flexes pretty good too in cold weather.


  6. I make my own from welding cable, custom length, use heavy-duty clamps, crimp, solder and heat-shrink the ends. Thirty-plus years and they’re like brand new.


  7. If you dont have any extra welding leads laying around go get some 00 cable to make your own.


  8. I was just checking them out. They ain’t cheap. Going to look around and see if I can find a used set!!


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